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Stand out from the crowd, and let the referrals roll in...

At ESORSE, we work hand-in-hand with brokers, agents & financial advisors to create, for their clients, customized solutions that others simply can’t deliver. Want your clients to have the best of all worlds? Or have you and they grown unsatisfied with their current, old-school plans & processes? Then contact us, and we’ll be pleased to get together and find you both the solution that meets their needs and situation.

Here are some highlights (names kept confidential for privacy’s sake) of various ways we’ve been useful to Advisors & Brokers in the past:

  1. A Broker initially retained Esorse to pay all Health Spending Account claims in accordance IT-519R2 for employer groups and self-employed individuals, regardless of the type of claim. A separate TPA was utilized to administer the premium billing and collection on behalf of the Broker. When the quality of these services deteriorated Esorse was asked to take on these services in addition to claims payment.
  2. A Broker had been operating as a TPA on a manual basis offering Health & Welfare Trusts for small business clients for many years, but as the business grew it became overwhelming and clients started to leave due to slow claims turnaround. Esorse was able to takeover the premium billing, collection and claim payments freeing up the broker to expand the business without adding staff.
  3. A Broker wanted to offer a unique insurance program that the underwriter was not able to administer so turned to Esorse to administer the Program and pay claims on behalf of the insurer.
  4. A broker offering a Health Spending Account Program for the benefit of special needs families and disabled individuals required a system that could administer the individual HSA accounts; collect the monthly or annual contributions; pay the claims; pay the forfeitures as required by CRA; provide 24/7 access to account holders, and allow online claim submissions for the majority of expenses incurred in accordance with IT-519R2. Esorse was the only company that could meet all of the requirements.
  5. A Benefit consultant’s client had a large ASO Program with one of the major insurers that could not administer the Program efficiently and pay claims correctly, recommended the Esorse claim system and the new Hybrid card as the preferred alternative. Esorse’s administration fees were more than competitive and the new card brought great satisfaction to employees who now incurred minimal out-of-pocket expenses.
  6. A client wanted to replace their traditional fully insured program with a different approach as the insurer at the end of the first year wanted a 60%+ premium rate increase. The Consultant recommended that a Health Spending Account be introduced to replace the traditional insured health and dental benefits and that Esorse be retained to provide the administrative and claims payment services on a controlled cost basis.
  7. A client wanted to introduce a new “Flex Benefits” component with a Health Spending Account or RRSP option with regard to the employer’s annual contribution amount made via monthly contributions. None of the traditional insurers could administer the program so Esorse was engaged to administer the program, pay the HSA claims and remit the RRSP contributions to the selected provider.


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