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Corporate Canada has been quick to recognize the value and adopt the revolutionary products & services ESORSE provides in order to streamline their benefits programs and get the most value for their people and their hard-earned resources. It bears mentioning that when it comes to attracting & retaining the best people, your employee benefit offerings had better be top-notch or you simply won’t be competitive.

The rest of this site highlights our philosophy and trend-setting approaches to claims management, pay-direct cards, plan design and many other solutions. But here, we thought we’d give you an insight into the creative ways we’ve found to help businesses with solutions that are a little more off the beaten path - solutions you may not have even thought possible!

  1. A staffing agency wanted a card for their contractors that could be used as a payroll card as many of the temp employees did not have a bank account. Payroll is loaded onto the Esorse card on a weekly basis, thereby eliminating paper cheques and potential fraud. Contractors and temp employees can collect their pay at any ATM, or go online and transfer the funds to their bank account, if desired.
  2. A manufacturer with a number of management and sales staff traveling nationally and internationally wanted the ability to send payroll payments, travel advances or reimbursements electronically as required so funds could be secured locally by the employee or transferred to their bank account. The Esorse Hybrid card provided the low cost solution.
  3. A Municipal government wanted a card that could be loaded with welfare payments on a biweekly basis so that those recipients who are “unbanked” could receive payments at any ATM. The Esorse card provided the solution and could also be used for their benefit payments.

And while that’s just a small sampling, we’re used to getting “oddball” requests - in fact we thrive on it! It’s why we’ve designed our systems & processes the way we have - completely modular & flexible, and unconstrained by old legacy systems and ways of doing business. So when we’re asked if we could maybe, just maybe, customize things in a particular way, we get excited and get to work building our next unique solution for a client. And that doesn’t take months or years either - we boast the industry’s fastest turn-around times for software customization of plan design features!

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